Scheduling Made Easy
With Maby

Maby gives you the convenience of online appointment booking and the business management tools you need to successfully run your Salon.


Say goodbye to
Paper & Pen

It's time to forget the traditional way of working! Maby will help you manage your appointment schedule easily anytime, anywhere, without paper and pen. The appointment schedule is synchronized in real-time, dividing work among workers quickly and reducing the free time of the salon. Online management is the simplest way to save costs and optimize revenue.

New Customers

Maby has hundreds of thousands of searches and appointments every day. What exactly are you waiting for? Use Maby immediately to take advantage of this massive supply of free consumers!

Customers missing
Is No Longer A Concern

Anyone can forget when life is busy! However, Maby offers the capability to notify users by Email, SMS, or other means when an appointment is approaching. This won't be a concern for you any longer!


We know it's just as essential to care for old customers as to find new ones. Maby's system has built-in customer filters, such as those for guests who haven't been back in a long time, guests whose birthdays are coming up, etc., so you can reach out to them, send them voucher, etc.

Time saving

Are you often frustrated by your inability to manage all of your salon's tasks? Maby is there! Manage appointments, split work for employees, monitor revenue everything is straightforward and only takes a few steps. You can manage your business from anywhere! Allows you to devote more time to yourself, your family, and your life.